Code of conduct

Project Content

  • You will in no way damage the reputation of Regional Web Developer through any dealing with customers
  • You will not steal and reuse any code or content of that of your customers or other members customers and reuse elsewhere
  • You will not claim work that you have not done in order to build up your own reputation
  • You will not steal data from a database system used by a customer and target their customers
  • You will not claim liability to Regional Web Developer as relationships and judgement is also up to you to judge as trustworthy

Your Behaviour

  • You will act in a way that respects others opinions even if these are not your own
  • You will act with integrity to everyone on the network
  • You will not participate in any illegal activities yours or other members in the network
  • You will have high regard for others safety both physically and psychologically
  • You will not run down others members and their services to any common customer
  • You will not pretend to be someone your not or take on work outside of your skill level
  • You will not request payment up-front but accept that all work is to be done prior to payment milestones are acceptable
  • You will not swear or taunt other members 
  • You will not use the network for SPAMing of services you offer

All Members

  • You will always act in a way that protects the interests of regional Australia
  • You will not falsely represent your location in order to appear regional
  • You will not act in a way that is fraudulant
  • You understand that payments from customers if through a regional member contact are not the responsibility of Regional Web Devloper
  • You understand that delivering work to a customer through another member should be done with caution and milestone payments should be considered to protect yourself.
  • You will understand that all accounting and transactions are not through the Regional Web Developer but are within the team groups on the network as you would work with others in a small town environment the same construct of delivering agreed cost for services should be clearly identified to the freelancer or agency running the project.

Our Senior Members

  • You will not falsely represent any new signups as affiliate sales
  • You will act as a leader with integrity especially when you are engaged in coaching activities
  • You will not sublet projects out that you are being paid to do without disclosing to your customer that you are using other specialised services of another regional developer regardless of the skillset.
  • You will definitely not outside work overseas in order to make additional money managing a project

To be clear we have the best intentions for all members to grow their business and work with others in healthy reciprocal relationships. 

Our goal is to allow you to network and offer your services to regional customers providing them a fully vetted web professional.

Like any other profession from mechanics to electricians to plumbs to doctors we think our industry should be regulated with licensing requirements removing the harm done to business by those out to make a quick buck.

Please if you have any feedback that helps to support our members please contact RWD using the link below.

Our Promise to you

  • RWD will provide you work where if possible a customer is located in the same area as you and you have one of the skillsets they are looking for. We will refer them to use your services
  • RWD will not steal any of the work that comes through the network for our own gain.
  • RWD will not take money from customers looking for freelancers in order to take a % on projects
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