How it works

Regional Teams of highly experienced, skilled people working collectively on digital projects under their own brand partnering with RWD. 

Projects are managed, billed, and overseen by the Regional Web Developer. Customers have input, collaboration, and final sign-off throughout the process. 

Talented RWD members wanting a partner in their business to cover specialist areas may refer us to a customer and will work with us to deliver their project to the best it can be. 

We provide at the start:

  • Initial Proposal formed from a discovery
  • Statement Of Work (SOW) (includes team contact list)
  • Project Timeline
  • Proposal acceptance. 

Our discovery could be chargeable depending on how many hours are required investigation. There could also be outcomes from this discovery that have huge benefits in offering opportunities for your business.

Payment Options:
  1. All upfront (save 10%)
  2. Split in two (Standard)
  3. Extended (Quarterly +10%)


Regional Marketing


  • We have a passion for regional people
  • Distributed network
  • More experience
  • Trustworthy
  • Faster
  • Support
  • We fill a huge gap

Digital solution specialists of all types

Search Specialists


Discovery / Project Manager Lead
  • Market Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Opportunity Report
  • Competitor Research
  • Visual Sitemap
User Interaction Design (UX)

This is not the function of a designer alone:

  • Further Discovery
  • Define each page type function
  • Work with the sitemap to architect the structure to make it easier for Google / Site Architecture
  • Wireframe each page type
  • Clear navigation 
  • Any animation or user interaction that increases engagement
  • Content structure on each page type
  • Properly placed Call to actions (CTAs)

Effective design can double or triple your conversion rates.

Photography / Videography / Drone

Again, don't let anyone do this but someone with this specialzed skill! Words are the biggest impact to convert sales, it motivates people to take action.

As part of a website project, a photographer will charge based on a 2-hour shoot and if you need more than that will be quoted separately. It is important to use real photography and not stock to give credibility and context to your business.

For photography, the cost is around $500 for a small project for only two hours and covers their time on the ground and post-production. This will cover photos on-site only as described by the strategic process. We try to source a regional photographer so you don't have to pay for travel but in some cases, travel may need to also be quoted.

It is important that the photographer is part of the overall strategy as the content like the copywriter must be on the key to delivering the right message and influencing the customer's decision to engage.


Don't let anyone do this but someone with this specialzed skill! Words are the biggest impact to convert sales, it motivates people to take action.

As part of a website project, a copywriter will charge on a per word basis.

Generally expect to pay around 3k for copywriting for an average website project. This estimate is based on the page structure provided from the initial project discovery. It also uses initial keyword research and is effective in search engine optimization and getting your website ranked.

User Interface Design (UI)
  • Creating concepts for "all" of the different pages "types"
  • Not every page, just the page types need a governing stylesheet
  • Takes the wireframe page types and applies style, copy 
  • Visual appeal
  • Approval process in line with wireframe approval
Responsive Development
  • The layout is created using special templates - per page "type"
  • The structure is applied as part of the architecture UX process
  • Page "types" and fields are created for making layout and maintenance easier
  • Copy is fed into the various regions
  • Design is applied from the UI process



One person cannot do the job of multiple specialists. It's a reality, your project may cost more than you expect but the outcome will reap results compared to getting someone that does the processes poorly.

You wouldn't hesitate to get a qualified plumber or electrician as part of a project and you expect them to do the job properly first time. It's no different with our projects, there needs to be a full array of specialists for your project to be effective. A web designer is not a web developer, nor is he or she a social media guru or photographer. They might try but at the end of the process, they either take longer than they should or they cut corners.

It's one of the biggest problems with regional freelance businesses, they sell themselves as agencies to get the work. They love the dream, the vision, the freedom of having their own business but sadly in the majority of cases this doesn't last.

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