While this can be easy

Do you know what your doing?

Domains can be tricky, registering them in the correct name of the customer and making sure they get renewed is extremely important. And then there's the DNS that sits behind them and the records that seem like you need to be a geek to understand what's going on.

The domain name as such if it's a new business needs heaps of research put in before the purchase is ultimately made as most people are aware the name if chosen correctly can be useful for ranking your customers business on Google. This work should be included in the discovery part of the project and billed separately as a one off.

Making money from domains ongoing is all about selling bulk as it's just too competitive a market to expect to make a living from if your regional entrepreneur. They often become more of a headache than the money that you make from them.

We are happy to help in this technical services area or hook you up with a local web ops specialist or IT consultant. Our preference is that someone local to your customer assists with these where possible. It's also important that whoever looks after the customer's domain that you and the customer have access.

Domains that can be registered

We can register for you any of the following domains and manage the DNS in case you need that service. Our preference is for a local regional specialist to help with this if at all possible but in many cases this isn't and while IT guys think they understand DNS we're often confronted with a lack of knowledge around SPF or DKIM.

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