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Custom functionality, learning, collaboration for Regionals by Regionals

The "Inner Circle" is a Facebook-like or Meta-like platform available to all of our members.

Unlike Facebook groups, it has many related spaces for specialised discussion while maintaining a premium context for people from only Regional Australia. 

You will receive an email digest once a week on all the updates that have taken place over the week.

You can post as little as you like while there are people online that will help you with your goals and answer your digital marketing questions.

Your login is synced with the Regional Web Developer dashboard so you log in once and you have access to the platform straight away.

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Huge benefits, growing collaboration

The big thing that set's this feature apart from other Facebook groups is its video webinar integration which would normally require Zoom or any number of other video platforms the "Inner Circle" offers this right out of the box.

Other huge benefits include the absence of ads in your feed, an easy-to-use downloadable app for real-time chat. 

Never get distracted by another cat video and post away to others to get help and answers.

Lastly, the platform is perfect for coaching and mentoring so regardless of whether you are a standard member or senior coach you can utilize the platform to conduct your sessions.

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