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Partners start once every three months

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Be careful with discussing projects and consider customer NDAs

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One of our services is partnering people up with like-minded regional members who can meet with them as often as needed. It is an optional part of the network, so you don't have to partner up if you don't want to. 

There's lots of digital work available, and if you are part of the network, you have to be a step ahead of your competition.

You may find your direct regional competition are also part of the network. While they might be competition, you RWD may enable you to network and provide your regional customers with a better solution through this partnership.

Team Up! 

While you might be great at Web Design UI, they might be great at Web Development. RWD is about networking and providing all the required skills from regional people to make regional business more competitive online, with better products and better outcomes for everyone in regional Australia.   

  • RWD Questionnaire to get your perfect accountability partner
  • Allocation of partners is made every three months.
  • We partner you up with someone on their journey, building their business and brand from a different region.
  • We will do our best to partner you up with someone sharing the same objectives.
  • Leave it to Regional Web Developer to team you up or request someone.
  • We will send you an allocation email the week before partner groups start with all the email details of your partner and some extra guidance information.
  • RWD will request feedback on the process from both of the participants at the completion of the process.  
  • It's your choice half an hour every two weeks, or have a break when life gets busy.
  • Use our video conferencing services to book a conference room or use your own to meet up remotely and get the help you need
  • We all have different experiences and backgrounds, making us unique and valuable to each other these are requested as part of our questionnaire.
  • Listening is just as essential as talking in these sessions; please give each other time and don't expect that we all have the answers to questions you might have. 
  • Set a timeframe at the start so that it's no more than a two-month arrangement and you both know what to expect. 
  • Respect your partner's boundaries and understand time is very precious. You may want to request a paid coaching session from them if you wish to get additional time. This transaction can be organised through RWD if needed. 
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