Website Repair & Porting

Your customer has a website and it works great

The only problem is it's now costing an arm and a leg

Affordability is important especially today with an unstable economy. You can't do without an online presence but you might be struggling to have one as well.

Whether your customer's website needs an upgrade to a brand new set-up or you need a change because of some other reason we can help. We will port your website over to an open-source platform, meaning that you can continue to use it on any hosting platform. WordPress is our typical choice for a platform which is easy, scalable and cost-effective to run.

What can we offer you to

get your customers online presence sorted

Our network services include:

Local network member services include:

  • Rebuilding websites from scratch if compromised
  • Backup Restore and patch
  • Porting content between different platforms
  • Offering the best choice of platform for your needs
    • Small business
    • Enterprise systems
    • eCommerce
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