Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Lot's of questions, we can help to answer them here.

We're also super keen for your constructive feedback and comments to improve the network.
What is regional web developer?

Think of Regional Web Devloper as an exclusive co-operative of like-minded people desiring to do good work for a regional business in Australia.

We desire quality services and collaboration between members to deliver best practice workflows and ultimately outcomes and success.

Do you take a fee for placements?

No, job and project recruitment is covered under agency/business or senior freelance membership. If you do want to post a job or project you will need to upgrade your membership under the profile area.

If you're a regional business looking for a marketing person and you don't need all the benefits of RWD then under post a job from the homepage you can pay a one-off fee of $199 which will run the job for a period of 1 month.

why are we different?

We're different because we have a focus on quality and vetted members. We focus on true local outsourcing for our members and not just as a tagline.

Unlike most freelancing directories on the internet we don't take a cut of your project. We don't take projects that don't have a clear value for customers.

Why would I pay more for regional instead of overseas contractors

We realise that the main trend for a lot of agencies over the years has been to cut costs due to competition in the market and this often means sending jobs overseas.

In our experience this rarely works as expected and can be more work than getting the work done locally.

Often work that is done by "professionals" overseas can start with workers that have little experience with a second-level manager who knows more.

If we had the mentality to get everything done overseas we'd never do anything ourselves purely based on cost and nobody would have a job.

Australian people have pride in Australian made products but unfortunately, this only lasts while it's not affecting their bottom line. Regional people are even more passionate about keeping work local which is why we want to see locals get local projects and local jobs.

can students join?

Sure you've got to start somewhere but everyone has to go through a vetting process which is a set of questions in the chosen skillset you represent on the network.

What about working remote for city projects and jobs?

We're all for this, moving from the city to the country as a tree change many of you have had this opportunity. 

This is great and exactly what we want to see, bring as much work with you as you can and reinvest this into our regional communities.

What we're not happy with is work from the regional areas being captured by agencies and freelancers in the cities, This does not help with the local regional economies.

Will RWD do any of the projects?
Do you descriminate against city professionals?

No, if you are from the city you can join the network. Not if you are overseas though.
It's important to note that most of the content and the training focuses on building regional business up through regional marketing. It may not be the right pick for you.

why do I need to be vetted

We need to set ourselves apart from two different groups. Firstly cheaper overseas service providers do not necessarily provide the same level locals can face to face. Secondly those cheaper "agencies" or "freelancers" with little skill and/or qualifications who don't follow the specialist approach but do things half-arsed for a quick buck.

Because of these two groups, it's often hard for regional professionals to feel like they can survive and instead feel like they need to compete. While customers don't understand they're comparing apples and oranges. 

Vetting our network members ensures we're all on the same page when it comes to process, quality and standards.

why regional australian only?

Too much money gets sucked out of regional  Australia for agencies in the cities. 

We want to keep things regional because there are enough regional professionals in all the areas necessary to do these projects as good if not better than some  agencies in the cities.

what can you expect as a freelancer?

Expect to learn, contribute to others. 

Expect great things from yourself while being enabled by other specialists who have passion for that they do.

Why not just a facebook group?

We encourage you to join the free Facebook group that is available to anyone to join.

If your not a member this is a good place to start. Here we plan to release free bite-size tutorials from some of our premium courses only available through the circle and this websites library of tutorials.

Specific how-to guides on getting started

Get started and get yourself listed

How do i get listed?

Once you signed up the first thing you will see when you first log in is the vetting questionnaire. This can take between 5 minutes and 20 minutes to complete. Once it's complete we will review and approve your listing within 24 hours. 

While your waiting you can add projects to your profile and be as complete as possible so you're ready to go.

How do i add a project to my portfolio?

This is as simple as choosing the projects option in the freelancer or agency dashboard and clicking add. A short form will allow you to add details and photos.

If you need any help with this please don't hesitate to call RWD for assistance.

How do I access the inner-circle? 

The inner circle is driven by an app that allows for single sign-on with our website. 

Therefore you can log in via our login link and simply choose the "inner-circle" tile from the dashboard.

How do I download the inner-circle app?

To download the app go to the app store and search "circle" or follow the link below.

How do I cancel/upgrade my memberships?

Through the dashboard choose the cancel or upgrade buttons. These are very easy to find but if you can't please contact tus.

Can I have a membership without being listed?

Yes, your privacy is important to us. As part of your vetting, we ask if you want to be listed. You can also provide a centralised address within your area if you wish to keep your address private. Please do not list yourself in a region that you have no presence in.

Specific how-to guides on Regional projects


I'm confused how do projects work

There are TWO WAYS we can run a project!

  • You manage it, you charge your customer for it. You pay team members for their specialist services. We will provide you with a guide on pricing so members know how much they are likely to get paid for their part in the project. You will be able to run stand-ups with the team which we would encourage at least fortnightly.
  • You ask us to manage it, we engage members and you're included on your specialist part of the build. We charge our card rates and present your customer with a proposal and statement of work for sign-off. Everyone gets a copy and is asked to sign off their responsibility. We do this electronically and it's a quick painless process. Milestone payments ensure that everyone gets paid at different times throughout the project. Ongoing you manage or ask us to manage your client, it's up to you!

Either way what we want is for you to have a business relationship with your customer regionally local to you. We want you to grow your brand in your area.

We want you to be able to reach your goals and expand your team essentially in a cooperative approach with RWD to get you started and established. We want you to feel like your not going it alone but have the backup and experience of our network of professionals!
Managing Projects in RWD Dashboard
Mandatory requirements for projects
It's hard saying something is mandatory but it's for the good of everyone we do it. All projects regardless of RWD or member-run need to follow a strict specialist approach. We expect there to be different people on different parts of the project who are gifted in their area. Regardless of if a project member-run project or RWD we use an agile approach to the workflow that gets the best result for the customer.

While discovery might be done by any member, maybe even yourself, this needs to be shared with the entire team. The journey of a project has all members involved so that they're all on board with the vision and goals. The best way to do this is via a video with some notes. If this is an RWD project this can be added to our ClickUP project notes.
Certain parts of the project NEED customer sign-off. This is quick and easy to do and RWD has a template for this to accompany any wireframes, concepts and commission requests.

If the customer who is paying for the project doesn't sign-off then it SHOULD NOT proceed to the next stage of development. This is everyone's responsibility to ask the question "Has this been signed-off" protects everyone involved in the project and makes sure that expectations are met.
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