Cloud email setup

You can't do half the job

Email should be a separate specialised service

Every customer you get will potentially have an email set up on a hosting account using POP or IMAP. You build a website or update the existing one you should first look at upgrading the hosting infrastructure. I know you're a designer, it's not your thing to deal with severs and IT stuff. Unfortunately, it is something that has to be dealt with if not by you then a local IT company or Web Server Ops team.

We can take the pain out of this for you and in many cases, we would recommend using a local vetted provider as part of our network to assist with this service.

If you try to do it yourself you could lose customers messages and cause harm to their business which you certainly don't want to do. Cloud migration needs to be planned and carefully considered.

How are you going to support people locally at the business you've just designed a website for? We recommend looking for a suitable vetted IT consultant either on the RWD network or putting them in touch directly with your customer. You should work with them to update DNS records for all things mail and web.

Mail Service is the backbone

of a business.

Do you know what your doing?

We recommend Google Workspaces for email. As much as it pains us to build up a corporate overseas giant we will always choose the best choice for our customers. Google Workspaces can be a hard sell for many customers not understanding the difference between basic email services and a suite of integrated collaboration services.

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