Finding the best web design company for your project

May 30, 2022
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Jason Greenlees

By Jason Greenlees

Finding the best web design company for your project

Which Website Design Company

If you're looking for a web design company or agency for your business, you have many decisions to make. You can't just search for web design in your local area and expect to get a quality professional who knows what they're doing. Your competition wouldn't leave this critical decision to chance using Google to find the best web design company or freelancer in your area for your online presence, and neither should you. 

What website design company provide?

So what does a website design company provide that you find a must for your business besides just pretty pictures and text? A website design company should offer a professional approach to your strategy, analyse your competition, and look at your goals and objectives and how these can be achieved through the proper use of content. 

How to select an experienced website design company?

Still, that's great. I know I need a professional and everyone tells me I'm the best, but how can I honestly tell who the best website design company is? 

It's like anything in life. It comes down to their proven experience in the field and the outcomes they have produced. It's not just about making a pretty website that has won awards for its cutting edge look, feels, and layout. Seek to ask questions from your website design company that proves that they have achieved more than just a website. Most will give you a portfolio of the best work and say, look how great we are? What were the goals these customers started with, and how did their website tool achieve these in detail? What were the outcomes? How were they measurable? Nine times out of ten, the website design company won't answer the questions and give you an excuse about privacy. Remember, they were keen to use these five minutes ago for their portfolio. Proven experience outcomes are the most important when choosing an agency or freelancer.  

Why Choose a Local Website Design Company?

What else would you consider important when choosing a website design company or freelancer? You should consider their locality and if they are local to you. You want to have a long term relationship with this person or company. You want them to be on board with your mission and be as enthusiastic about it as you are. It's not too much to expect that you should be able to source someone from your local community. Believe web design companies from the city, and you'll think nobody is qualified to deliver what they offer but them. Consider if you did choose a local, how much easier would it be to trust them with your online business? What if that local web design company was part of a more extensive network. A network of professionals where a specialist approach was still harnessed. The best designers and developers available throughout regional Australia could be used. You wouldn't have to worry about one web design company or freelancer going awol. You could actually get the job done to the high standard you dreamt of when you first started. 

Other Advantages of Local Website Design Companies

Website Design Companies like those in the RWD network help business owners to focus on their businesses.

Individuals who do not have any web design skills should not tackle web design projects. Instead, they should focus on the core of their businesses. If a professional web designer is hired, the website will be designed professionally.

Website Design Companies save business owners time?

Business owners are trying to figure out how to save money by doing their own website on a DIY builder like Wix or SquareSpace. This wastes the business money and time, probably multiples of time you would pay a qualified web designer is wasted on trying to figure out how to do an amateur job.

Building a local network

These seem pretty simple and possibly not worth the hassle. However, this is one of the most important benefits of choosing a local web design company. The opportunity to build relationships with your community is priceless. 

Web developers work with many different companies. Companies can and will feed off your own products and services. Community is about supporting your neighbour with your time, money and love. 

Web designers, freelancers and agencies are great at referring business between clients. Because RWD is a network of regionally based professionals, your local is as big as Australia without the big city business taking a slice of your cash. We will always try to use someone local to your company for all of the required project specialities. 

The benefit of local support

You can be sure that you will have a higher level of support than a large agency or business from the city or overseas. Locals that know you by name and care about you and your business. Choosing a specialist is still essential, but filling the gap you need to get the outcome your after can be achieved through a network such as RWD while maintaining an excellent local support arrangement.

The benefit of knowledge around the local market

Something can also be said for local knowledge and what a local part of the RWD network has to contribute to the local market. 

Locals know more about the local audience and culture to be able to apply proper styling, wording, and design that captures the attention of the right audience. 

What might appeal to an audience in the city won't always appeal to a country audience.

Imagine a world where you spoke the same language as your local designer or developer.

Well of course, that's far more likely than if you got someone from the internet from India or from the cities, isn't it? 

With more accessible communication comes the advantages of not having language barriers or, worse still, your message is misinterpreted or misrepresented on your website. For example, "I thought you sold funnels, not sold funerals". 

 Additionally, in a life shaped by written words and the importance of accurate communication, many have experienced spelling or grammar mistakes if you asked them to send some content via email. 

Similar situations happen when Communicating with Google through websites. Imagine yourself being able to communicate very simply and easily without needing to correct everybody else, then failing it because your friend, who I will call Matthew, commits so thoroughly that he forgets about his fix for NASA's Mars rover Curiosity. 

What is the best way to get a website? Website builder or website design company?

So we've talked about going local, what a web design company should provide, how to choose one and why RWD could be for you if your a business or even if you are a freelancer looking for a web design company to work with. 

Now let's get started with the best way to get a website if you're still sitting on the fence about whether or not you should go with a professional or build it yourself.

 The benefit of a website design company is that you have a full-service Australian based business to go back to if you have problems. However, 9/10 people find they have questions or other things they need help with after a website project is complete, so an established company definitely has its advantages. 

Compare this to a freelancer or even a small team in regional Australia that is stand-alone website designers and developers. This is when RWD can again help provide that specialist approach, stability and continuity you need. Best of all, we're not sending the money or work to India or the city, but you're employing local county or regional Australian professionals.

How can a professional website design company transform your business?

If you're wondering about the website process and the best way to get this here, you should look at our "how it works" page for business. It breaks down our best practice approach to digital marketing with our members, who also agree this is the best option for customers. 

Ok, so again another why and how? What is the point of using a website design company, and how will one transform my business. 

We go back to selecting a good website design company and what one should be doing in the process and providing examples of work that have delivered outcomes for the business. 

If all these things are done correctly, your business can be transformed into the company at the other end of your goals and provide you tangible outcomes. A website isn't just a website. It's a money-making tool, and the sooner it's recognised as what it is, the sooner you can harness the opportunities that this provides.

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