Some considerations when it comes to the Regional growth in Australia

May 30, 2022
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Jason Greenlees

By Jason Greenlees

Some considerations when it comes to the Regional growth in Australia
My skillset is a developer so it’s natural that I like numbers and facts. Don’t stop reading now just because I’m a geek, these numbers help marketers to reach out to business to establish confidence in their geographical location.

From the 2020 estimated percentage of increase change since 2016. Noting this is before COVID so the increase I would expect to be far more significant in more recent years.

Regional cities have increased by 383,760 over four years. Regional population makes up 36% of Australia’s overall population and although not a majority is still 9.36M people.

The following link presents some interesting statistics on business and lifestyle growth in Australia with the top 5 areas boasting the highest entrepreneur rate of business start-ups.

My favourite two stats here though is the % of time of your workday average spent commuting and % of your income spent on mortgage.

  1. Sydney – Whatever way you define a workday 7.5 hours or even 12 hours your spending hours travelling to work every week. I actually think these numbers are quite conservative, when I lived in Sydney easily 10 hours per week travelling would have been my routine.
  2.  Toowoomba – About half an hour a day or 15 minutes each way.

On the housing affordability side:

  1. Sydney – Over 600% of your yearly wage would be mortgage.
  2. Wagga wagga – 257%

This indicates you can pay off your house more quickly and have more money in your purse to spend on weekly bills and activities. You’re less of a slave to your assets and happier as a result.

Workbook: Busting Regional City Myths final (

Jason Greenlees

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