Drupal 9

Drupal has been around for just about as long as WordPress but over the past 5 years, it has moved its focus from the hobbyist to large business and enterprise.

This site is built with WordPress but we couldn't give a shout-out to the Drupal team for their quality of code and high-end security for large projects. If you're a developer you will often be biased towards what you know as learning a different backend system is a lot of work.

The main way Drupal is different is there are nowhere near as many paid plugins available for the system. Instead, just about everything is free. Also an awesome platform for a multisite type setup with a core content repository pushing out different brands to different URLs. Something WordPress can also do but Drupal will scale so much more just from it's core components and a few modules (plugins).

If your proposing Drupal for your next project I would suggest at least an additional 40% time be added for configuration and management. Because it's so configurable it will take longer to setup and maintain.

Book in a consultation with one of our Drupal experts if you think this is part of a project for your customers or for your business.

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